The Mega Mud Run Challenge Course is designed and constructed like no other.  The course is a 5k high intensity, extremely grueling track that will test strength, endurance, and tenacity. The run will consist of 30 plus obstacles spread out over 350 acres of farmland, tidal creeks, lakes, and islands.

The Mega Mud Run Challenge OBSTACLES:
1. MUD DOZER:  A face down crawl through tidal creek mud under a 50 ft. long construction net
2. MUDDERS MAYLAY:  All out 200 yd run through ankle to knee deep pluff mud
3. TIRE FIELD 1:  20 ft x 40ft High Steppin’ tire field
4. HELL WALL 1:  16ft x 16ft high slatted climbing wall that will test your deepest fear of heights
5. MARSHGRASS MUDDLE: 150 ft crawl under 1ft high construction netting through marsh grass and pluffmud
6. ARM WALK: Each Mudder must walk the 20’ length of the obstacle on their arms without falling or touching the ground
7. MUD TREK:  150’ run through deep mud
8. POLE WEAVER:  Each Mudder crawls through the poles alternating between going over and under without touching the ground
9. THE NASTY:  Another pluff mud stomp. R U Muddy Yet??!!!
10. FIDDLER TUNNEL:  150 ft. long tidal creek wax myrtle gorge. Knee pads would be wise!
11. MUD AGAIN?!!:  100 ft. run through deep mud
12. SHOCKA:  low crawl under 1-1.5 ft. high electric fence grid. Yikes! Can be a jolting experience!
13. 17’ ROPE CLIMB:  Mudders must climb a 17ft. knotted rope, touch the top limb and climb down
14. BUNKER 1:  Low crawl under 6 pipes 1ft high through knee deep mud & water
15. BUNKER 2: Mudders must run through waist deep mud and water
16. KONGO:  8ft of true monkey bars to a platform that requires a leap of faith onto a cargo net, a climb to the top and then down the rope on the opposite side
17. PLUFF MUD PLOW:  100yd trek through Carolina pluff mud
18. TWINKLE TOES:  12ft. long unstable balance beam over 4ft. deep tidal creek
19. TIGHT ROPE WALK:  2.5 inch diameter rope stretched 70ft. over the infamous Turtle Creek 8 ft. of murky waters, the athlete will have an overhead rope for balance, destination INSANITY ISLAND
20. HANG N CRAWL:  Up a 10ft. high platform onto a 2.5 inch thick rope where athletes will have to shimmy upside down 30ft, destination THE ISLAND OF NO RETURN
21. JUMP HANG:  Mudders must take a second leap of faith to a 12ft. cargo net and traverse Monkey Bar style 30ft. Destination Monster Island
22. BROKEN BRIDGE:  A 70ft. floating bridge of plywood and foam that requires a swift foot, a steady pace is needed to conquer this obstacle, any indecision will leave you swimming for survival
23. SPIDERS WEB:  Cargo net web stretched 12ft x 18ft between live oak trees creating a natural web that will require balance & strength, athletes who conquer the web will face a knotted rope climb down
24. PARALLEL BARS:  Each Mudder grabs the bottom bar, pulls themselves up to the top bar, 10ft. high then they must go over the top bar and lower themselves back down to the ground
25. ME TARZAN, U JANE:  Mudders take a 20ft. swing like Tarzan over 8ft. deep Skull Gorge to the other side
26. HURDLES:  Mudders must traverse 6 hurdles each 5ft. high
27. TIRE TREAD:  Going old school a high step through 2nd field of tires
28. PIPE LAYER:  Rows of concrete caldrons that will force athletes to crawl 30 ft. to conquer
29. HELL WALL 2:  A 13ft. high wall of slatted grooves and knotted ropes. Yeah, Good Luck!
30. STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN:  Up a pair of 13ft. bleachers to a cargo net that will require athletes to exercise patience and strategy
31. 1/8 mile sprint to the finish for individuals 
32. TEAMS must Fireman’s Carry their teammate 100 yards to the finish 

** Course subject to change due to weather and environmental conditions